Excerpts from Osman Kavala’s Defense Statement

Below are the excerpts from the defense statement given by Osman Kavala on 5 February 2021:

It is unlikely that an impartial observer objectively assessing the events and facts would fail to figure out the fact that espionage charges brought against me - devoid of legal basis and in contravention of their very definition in the law - were intended to rebut the ECtHR judgment calling for my immediate release.

In the absence of concrete evidence that would constitute the grounds for incrimination, the prosecution seeks to create a certain perception by blending a number of conspiracy theories and accusations as if they were proving one another, with the ultimate aim to direct the judiciary. The allegations put forward by the prosecution are devoid of factual grounds; the attempt to forge a link between these charges defies the rules of logic. Such a behaviour can only be explained by an ideological approach or a lack of good faith. The ultimate motive is to continue my detention incessantly in an effort to keep alive the perception that I am guilty. In other words, the intention is to invent justifications for the arbitrary restriction of my freedom by using the public authority and the articles of law contrary to their purposes; this is a perpetual action aimed at usurping my right to a free life.

The ruling by the Appellate Court, shortly before this hearing, to reverse the acquittal decision in the Gezi trial - in line with the prosecution's request, and to join the cases concerning different acts of people who are not related to each other, will serve to keep the politically-motivated allegations about the Gezi protests on the agenda. It will also enable to prolong the life of espionage charges, which are about to collapse as your Court has been incapacitated, and accordingly my continued detention based on these charges.

The passing of time does not normalise the gravity of this unlawful practice, which by itself has become a parallel punitive action; it only exacerbates it. Every single day I spend deprived of my freedom brings a far greater loss for me.

While it is becoming all the more obvious and public that the charges brought against me are unfounded, each dismissal of my request for release constitutes a more flagrant violation of rights in comparison to the previous ones.